The difference and working principle between intelligent Solid-state relay and traditional electronic Solid-state relay
2023-07-14 13:01:47

The intelligent solid-state relay has small size and exquisite appearance,  the same installation position as the existing products, which can be directly replaced.

Intelligent solid-state relay can automatically sense the external environment and the working state of equipment. When the control load changes, such as the load leakage increases the working current, produces local short circuitor changes in heat dissipation conditions, so that the temperature of the intelligent Solid-state relay body rises rapidly, causing overheating. Generally, 80% of the failure forms of Solid-state relay are overheating damage, while the intelligent Solid-state relay has the temperature control of the intelligent micro power control chip inside the device to automatically reduce the conduction current to the power device. If the temperature of the intelligent micro power control chip inside the device continues to rise, it will automatically turn off the main current of the entire working system, achieving the function of automatic intelligent fault identification. An additional protective measure for controlling the load can also ensure that the fault does not escalate until it is resolved. At the same time, it also protects the power device itself from thermal breakdown damage. This is an internationally pioneered patented technology in the field of power control IC. This function is particularly important for some rubber and plastic processing industries, with explosion-proof requirements, chemical, printing, dyeing, military, and other industries.

Intelligent Solid-state relay has automatic Thermal equilibrium function. With this automatic Thermal equilibrium function, intelligent Solid-state relay will reasonably design a radiator suitable for the working environment. Compared to general power control schemes, it is more cost-effective, energy-saving, reliable, and has a long service life. Small size, long working life.

The intelligent Solid-state relay has the function of wide voltage input control voltage, and 2.5 to 48V DC can be well compatible with integrated circuits such as computers and single-chip computers.

In addition to a working indicator light, the intelligent Solid-state relay also has a working (fault) power indicator light. Through this working fault indicator light, we can clearly see the working status of this solid state and related loads. Of course, the signal of this indicator can also be a group of signals that output intelligent Solid-state relay and the working state of the driven load to the control center to meet the needs of industrial automation production.

The working principle of intelligent Solid-state relay is also very different from that of ordinary Solid-state relay, which adopts advanced soft start working mode. Strong resistance to current shock, especially in some complex load conditions, it can work reliably, such as capacitive load.

Intelligent Solid-state relay has good anti electromagnetic interference function (EMC), and it only generates less than 10% electromagnetic wave of ordinary Solid-state relay after testing, let alone conventional electromagnetic relay. This is of great significance for certain industrial and military equipment. The requirements for using computers and PLC to control equipment have also been greatly reduced.

With DBC packaging technology, intelligent Solid-state relay can have 20% more Heat capacity than conventional plastic packaging devices. This is very beneficial, as it also indirectly increases the power density of the device.

Intelligent Solid-state relay body has good heat dissipation function, and is the product with the largest heat dissipation area on the market at present.

Our intelligent Solid-state relay has a PK with similar products abroad. Fully win. More reliable and secure.

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