The third generation of new photoelectric sensors
2023-07-14 13:27:54

Since its establishment, QWIFM sensor has been loyal to its original intention, always guided by customer needs, committed to the development and manufacturing of high-end quality photoelectric sensors, introduced advanced chips and technical concepts from abroad, developed a long-distance photoelectric sensor suitable for the global market and resistant to strong light interference, developed from the traditional industrial control automation field to the packaging machinery industry, electrical equipment,  Automatic Parking Garage industry and Automatic door industry, Our photoelectric products are highly matched, inspiring us to become the king in the industrial control automation industry and other related industries

Photoelectric sensor is a sensor that uses light to detect objects collectively, the light signal emitted by the sensor by detecting objects it shot, block and absorb longer accepted part of the detected and converted into corresponding electrical signal to the control device.

Photoelectric sensor photoelectric effect to detect objects. Better environmental conditions, no dust pollution occasions, can be used photoelectric sensor. Photoelectric sensor detection distance, had no effect on the characteristics of the test object, are widely used in the electronics industry, the food and beverage industry, packaging and logistics industry.

Advantages of photoelectric sensors

1) Outdoor use, Anti-glare interference;

The photoelectric sensor, which can be used normally in sunlight and strong light, can also be used outdoors without sunlight interference, greatly facilitating outdoor users and allowing them to use with peace of mind.

2) Anti-electromagnetic interference;

With the continuous development of the industrial control automation industry and the increasing requirements for equipment accessories, our company has launched anti electromagnetic interference photoelectric sensors that comply with the trend of the times.

3) Long distance detection, with optional cable and connector types, with complete specifications.

Our photoelectric sensors include diffuse series, retro-reflective series, and through beam series. Compared to other brands of photoelectric sensors, our products all have ultra long distance detection.

QWIFM sensor is a domestic independent research and development brand that integrates design, development, production, and sales as a professional manufacturer of sensors. Our company has an independent research and development department and a professional production team. The quality and appearance of our products designed and produced by our company are comparable to well-known brands both domestically and internationally. We have always been committed to meeting the needs of users with high-quality and diverse products and services through continuous research and development and quality management.

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